It’s time to make search engine optimization one of your priorities…

Think of a phrase, or two, that someone might use if they were searching the web for the type of services, or product, you offer. Now pop these words into the Google search bar, and wait and see. Does your company’s name appear? Is it within the first two, or three, lines?

At Howard Design Group, we’re experts in communicating messages visually, and we know that first impressions count. With only seconds to get someone’s attention, you need strong visuals and well-crafted messaging to make an impact. Once you have got their attention, customer experience and the quality of your product, or services, kick in.

But, how do they find you in the first place? For most companies, competition is fierce and you must take advantage of every opportunity available to you. This includes optimizing your website, so that you can be found by people using the Internet to search for your product or services.

Putting in place a solid SEO program takes expertise and time. It is definitely not as easy as it first sounds. It includes identifying key search words and using these in your content appropriately; making sure the content on your site can be read by search engines; link building to improve your search engine ranking; putting in place a process for keeping content on your site fresh and up-to-date—also important to ranking; the monitoring and analyzing of results through web analytics; and fine-tuning work done to make sure you are getting the outcome that you are looking for.

Search marketing is an important part of the marketing mix. Call us if you would like to talk more about this—we’ve got some terrific resources at hand to get great results for your organization.