Congratulations to the team at Sustainable Princeton on the launch of their new website. It was an honor to work on a project of such significance to the Princeton community. We were thrilled to be able to apply the talent of the HDG creative team to this effort, delivering an engaging and carefully-crafted website that is aligned with Sustainable Princeton’s organizational goals and helps to move their critical mission forward.

Built on the WordPress platform, Sustainable Princeton’s new website is an essential guide to sustainable living in Princeton. A major priority for the organization for 2019, this resource hub is packed with pertinent information and helpful tips. It is designed to inform and educate the public on how they can significantly reduce their carbon footprint in their daily lives, as Princeton residents look to meet the goals established in Princeton’s Climate Action Plan. From the top navigation, using a mega-menu display feature, you can easily see all the ways that you can “take action” as well as prepare for the impact of climate change.

Design features include the use of icons and graphics to capture the attention of the site visitor, and to help better present data. We also incorporated beautiful imagery to visually reinforce the messaging.

With respect to functionality, the site is responsive to all screen sizes; optimized for search; and includes an events calendar and news feed to allow Sustainable Princeton’s communications team to easily publish information on upcoming activities and the latest news. Designed to be compelling and informative from the moment you land on a page, the site is intuitive to navigate and appropriate for people of all ages.

Check it out!


HDG in the Town Topics: Sustainable Princeton “Takes Action” with New Logo, Website, Initiatives

“There is still so much to be done, but Sustainable Princeton’s new website is a great step to help move us all in the right direction,”.

— SP Executive Director Molly Jones

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