This month, we’re launching our new website.

We spend our days helping our clients with their marketing, and our nights working on marketing for HDG. Needless to say, some of our own initiatives take a little longer to get done than we would like them to do. Know the feeling?

Drum roll please! This month, we’re launching our new website. We had a lot of fun with the team videos—hope you get a kick out of them too.

Like many activities that we tackle, this project started as “a simple update” and evolved into something so much more. In planning for our new website and the needs of those visiting our site, we realized that we do so much more for our clients than what was previously being said.  We felt that we needed to do a better job of showcasing our work and the talents of our team, so that our prospects and clients can get a sense of the depth of our capabilities, and how we might help them. And, finally, we wanted to take advantage of the latest in web technologies to reach new prospects, to engage visitors on our website, and to stay relevant and in touch with our customers needs in this fast moving, complex world that we all find ourselves. We have used online video, social bookmarks and sharing tools, and other sophisticated programming techniques to pull this off, along with launching this blog and creating a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook to expand our communication touchpoints (or outposts as some are now calling them). Drop us a note, and let us know what you think.