At Howard Design Group, we’ve always put an emphasis on professional learning. We share articles and blog postings with each other, and try to meet on a regular basis to discuss hot topics in marketing and design.

Last week, we had the honor of having lunch with usability expert and pioneer, Dr. Charles Kreitzberg of Cognetics Corporation. With so many clients needing our assistance with web-based projects, it was the perfect time to catch up with Charlie—a guy who has spent his entire career making technology work better for people.

One of the topics that we discussed during our time together was the importance of using personas as part of the web design process. A persona is a personality that represents a user in real life. By creating a persona for each user type, this usability technique helps the client and the designer to keep the user front and center throughout the project. Let’s consider a college or a school, for example. Their website users include parents, students, faculty, and alumni. Clearly, each group has a different set of needs from the site.  What are they, what are their expectations from the site, and so on?

Want to know more about this? Then, it’s time to talk to us. We’ll walk you through our website design process; do an evaluation of your existing site, free of charge; and make some suggestions for you consider.

A special thanks to Dr. Kreitzberg for an informative and lively conversation over lunch!