2010 has flown by, and our clients are now in the process of developing their plans for 2011 and deciding where to spend their marketing dollars.  If you are looking for some direction with this, it might help to know where we’re seeing the greatest demand for design and marketing services.

Most of our new work is web-related, of course, with business owners and marketers looking to leverage the latest technologies and web tools to engage their audiences and stay relevant. They are investing in their websites and content management systems, their ability to be found by search engines, and in custom-designed and personalized marketing materials that can be easily accessed via the web, distributed by email, or read on a smart phone.

Next, we are seeing a lot of interest in mobile marketing, with smart phones turning a concept—the ability to connect with a customer anywhere, anytime—into a reality. The popularity of these phones is driving demand for the mobile versions of websites and sparking interest in new marketing tactics like 2D bar codes, location-based technologies and games, and apps. Very cool!

Finally, while there is a big push towards new media, print is still holding its own. There is nothing like innovative packaging, a striking brochure, or a magnificent wall panel to wow! your audience. We are creating packaging, in-store displays, and brochures, in combination with new media, to produce rich, integrated experiences.

If you need help putting all these elements into your marketing plans for 2011, please call us. We have your next big idea.